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In the life of every owner of the site there are some unpleasant moments when for no apparent reason his life begins to decrease or even fall out of the of search results. It also happens that the search engines properly index the site, but visitors do not linger on it or read the article, but not in a hurry to press "order."

Detect and eliminate hidden problems helps professional site audit. Detailed audit requires not only the current sites, but also new, as part of the overall strategy to promote web resources. I propose to conduct a full audit of your site, with a detailed analysis of all its components and the provision of specific recommendations to address the shortcomings. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your site, it is possible to take effective measures to address the problems, accelerate the promotion of the resource in the search engines, optimize costs, ensure a steady flow of visitors, and significantly improve profitability.

What is SEO-audit?

This set of sequential activities aimed at identifying errors in the web of resources at all levels. There are internal and external technical audit or site.

External audit of the site is aimed at a detailed analysis of the reference mass. Search engines are wary of links to the site, derived from spamnyh sites. Lower resource in the search results is a large number of paid links, a massive run on the catalogs, uneven link building and other factors. External audit involves several steps, including a general analysis of the reference weight, the identification of negative donors, analysis of growth of incoming links, cleaning anchor sheet web resource. As a result of the external audit may reveal that the site before the promotion sanctioned by the search engines. This is a factor nullifying all the efforts and costs of website promotion. Correctly carry out an external audit and to develop effective methods to improve the visibility of the resource search engines can only competent SEO specialist.

What is the technical audit of the site?

Internal or technical audit is needed to identify factors affecting the visibility of your website by search engines. In the ranking of websites by search engines take into account parameters such as site structure, the absence of errors in the code, the convenience and usefulness of the site for visitors and much more. Investing in technical audit and correction of errors compensated by increasing the resource position in the search results, increase traffic, higher sales at online stores and more expensive advertising in information platforms.

The internal audit of the site - a complex and long process involving many stages
The main ones are:

  • Content analysis begins by checking semantic core - how relevant keywords overall orientation of the site and the needs of the visitors. Great value in the indexing of your site is the presence of a non-unique and duplicate content. At this stage the pages with low-quality text and is made up of content for web writers. Content on the pages of the resource must be written for people and give an answer to a search query, it does not forget about keywords. An important factor in ranking sites are the meta tags with keywords properly prescribed, especially the title tags and description. Great value plays and relinking, in which the visitor moves from page to page internal links.

  • Analysis of program implementation site includes identifying duplicate pages in the index, check validity of HTML-code, correct setup sitemap, the GWT error, the use of redirects, and much more. To check the technical settings, there are special services, but to find and fix software defects in the site only by a specialist.

Usability Analysis Web resource

At this stage the verified site usability for the average user. How convenient to find a particular section? Do not dazzled in the eyes of a lot of banner ads? How fast is loaded pages on your site in a browser? Is it convenient to visit the site from the tablet or smartphone? How many steps are necessary to make the visitor after visiting the village before making the target action? Answers to these and other questions are by analyzing the usability of the resource. Troubleshooting and making adjustments based on behavioral factors not only help accelerate progress and increase attendance, but also increases the conversion platform. Increasing the response of visitors leads to an increase in the level of sales without an increase in budget for promotion.

I, as an experienced SEO-experts offer services of complex Web sites audit. Properly conducted an audit of your site and implement the recommendations, which will recoup costs and increase your profits. For cooperation to call or fill out the feedback form on the site.

Prices and terms are subject to change depending on the purpose and complexity of the project. For more accurate prices and discuss the details please contact me any convenient way.

Total cost: from $300

Work Time: 1 month

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