Design online store commercial equipment

A responsive design an online store for the group of companies "Tehnoholod" The site is dedicated to the sale of commercial and technological equipment, as well as being of refrigeration equipment, kitchen utensils and equipment.

The site has been sent to partner in development and is in the stage layout.

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Creating a site for the company "Studio saunas"

A unique design of the site are laid out and adaptive site (from scratch). The site is running on CMS "1C-Bitrix" on technology "Composite site."

All work is carried out with appropriate quality, the site launched a turnkey basis for 3 weeks from the date of commencement of work.

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Creating a Entertainment Center site

Site Development Turnkey. Design, layout, integration with system
CMS "1C-Bitrix".

The site is optimally adapted to the needs of the customer, there is nothing superfluous.

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Website of composer and musician

A landing-page responsive portfolio website composer and musician Elena Lapteva.

On the website you can listen to music the author of the composition, view photos, read reviews and biography.

The site is in two languages, Russian and English.

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Create an online store for all repairs

Designed by Online Store key for all repairs.

The company specializes in supplying the professional tool known brands in the company's production facilities and the construction sector.

On request, the basis is a turnkey solution from marketplays.

Filling the client performs a site independently.

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Site of dental clinic

The new site of dental clinic "Denta Alex".  Redesign and restructure of the site made by me in 2006. The site became more modern and is better adapted for the client.

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Site of free announcements

The site of free announcements of  Konakovo is developed, the principle of work of the site is “Avito” basis. Also I developed a logo, image of the site and advertizing for printed materials.

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Online store of finishing materials

The Online store of finishing and construction materials is developed. The unique design of the site and  logo of the company. Imposed and integrated with 1C Bitrix.

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Studio of printing on any surfaces

Creating of the site of Studio of the UV printing on any surfaces. The unique design is developed. The site is in process of imposition and integration into Bitrix.

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The site of the consulting company

Creating of the site of the company “Noosfera”. A primary activity of the company is consulting services in the sphere of natural resources use in the production and decrease in negative industrial impact on environment.

The design of the site is based on the corporate style of the company.

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Online store of Housewares

Development of the site of Online store of goods for the house. The design and functionality of the site is developed according to  all wishes of the customer.

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11/01/2014 16:00:00

The site of service company

Creating of the site of the “Special Service Trance” company. The company  specializes on cargo transportation, rent of a special-purpose equipment, car service. The design of the logo and the site. Imposition and integration with 1C-Bitrix.

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The real estate company site

Creating of the site catalog of real estate.
The design of the site is developed, the logo is provided by the customer.
At present the site is in process of imposition and filling.

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Online store of sports food

Creating of  Online store of sport food additives  "LactoMin.Ru".

The logo and image of the site. The site is made together with the customer.

Integration of Online store with 1C-Accounting  "Trade and a warehouse" is executed.

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The fitness of studio site

Redesign of the site of fitness studio “Power-Style”. Development of the premium  site design, development of the sold concept of the site, control of info units.

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Production of ferroconcrete products site

Creating of the site on production and deliveries of ferroconcrete products. Redesign of the “UltraZhbi”  company site, the logic of work of order system  is completely adjusted.

Creating of the catalog of goods is based on 1C Bitrix. Creating of vector icons for the menu.

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The site of production of furniture

Creating of furniture production company  "Grand Amati" site.

"Grand Amati" will become your favorite brand, as products of furniture factory are an excellent frame of a picture of the real success and wellbeing!

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Finishing goods online store

Creating of the site of “Saro Décor” online store. Development of design of the site, control of info units. Control of unloading of the nomenclature from "1C UT".

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The production of plastic windows site

Transfer of the site on "1C-Bitriks" control system. The site was built from scratch, components and info units are adjusted, now it became even more convenient to work with the site.

The design of the site is developed by the Miraveb company.

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The production company site

Creating of the site for the “Gorny GmbH” company. Russian office. The design of the site repeats the site of the head company, is made for recognition of a brand.

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The boat station site

The autonomous non-profit organization "FREGAT" is located on the right coast of the Ivankovsko Reservoir (The Moscow Sea) within Konakovo, the Tver region, 120 km from Moscow, in the mouth of the river of Donkhovka, in picturesque pine forest witch is the nature sanctuary.

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The site of real estate agency

The site of “Alphabet of Housing” Real estate agency is developed. The site is made on technologies of “Smartrielt” company, optimum option in the sphere of property sale.

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The site of production of a front tile

Full complex of services: Creating, Support and Promotion of the site. During cooperation the site surely left in Top-3 of the main search engines by key inquiries of the client.

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The site for kindergarten

As a gift to children. Municipal budgetary preschool educational Institution "Kindergarten of the all-developing type No. 1, Konakovo". Development and support of the site.

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The electro technical company site

Design of online store and its integration into the program 1C-Accounting. The stylistics of the company is made on the basis of the logo sent by the client. The company didn't fulfill the obligations under the contract. Work of the site is stopped.

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Fixing systems online store site

Development of “Krepkon” online store. Integration with 1C-Accounting. Wholesale and retail of fixtures, products from stainless steel and yacht rigging.

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The regional shopping site

Development of image of the company (Logo, Printing products, Site, Interface of terminal systems). Activity of the company: Internet sales, retails, unique service of a free pass to shops and malls, delivery of goods, free professional consultation on goods.

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The site of service company of boats

Redesign and search optimization of the site. The “Marine Line” company  -  is a full range of services in maintainance of  boats: tuning and alteration, installation of motors.

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The site of cross-country race

Development of the site for Selikhovso Cross-country race. Every year in the village of Selikhovo of the Konakovso region takes place  traditional interregional cross-country race. Selikhovo  Council of deputies and Administration of the Selikhovo rural settlement are the organizers of competitions.

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The production of molding of metals site

Development and maintainance of company image  (Logo, Printing producrts, Site, 3D). The company specializes on molding of products from non-ferrous metal under pressure, production of blanks for the keys, spare parts for the trade equipment, furniture accessories and many other.

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The site of a city administration

Konakovo town  administration  official site. The site borrowed the third place in the nomination: "The best town site", at the All-Russian competition: "The best municipal site-2012".

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The site of horse sport club

The stylistics of club is developed. (Site, Poster, Invitation cards, Advertising). Horse sport club "Konakovo Stables". The main direction of club is concur, training of sportsmen and housebreakers.

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The site of an intranet portal

Intranet portal of the LLC “City-Line”. There are popular intranet resources, services and documentation on settings of the equipment are presented on the site. For comfortable work in local network.

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The dental clinic site

Dental clinic "Denta-Aleks". Development of a logo, printingand advertising products. Creating and support of the site.

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The site portfolio for the photographer

The member of Pictorialists Union of of  Russia  Alexander Kalions’  personal site and photo portfolio  tis created. There are two  books " Russians" and "Again to the USSR" are presented on the site.

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The site for cafe

Domocafe — is recreating area in three levels, with halls on two floors and disco bar on the ground floor.

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Chamber of Commerce and Industry site

Design of the site for Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Bashkortostan. I made it at the request of the acquaintance who is serving the site of this organization.

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The Internet service provider site

Development and support of company image  (Logo, Blanks, Printing products, Advertising, Site). One of the main directions of LLC “City-Line” is a rendering services in access to the Internet on the allocated communication channels.

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The regional information portal

The most informative resource about the town of Konakovo and Konakovo region in the Internet. The best site of the town. I was engaged in its development from 1999 to 2006. Now the site design is partially changed.

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