Services and prices

When a question arises about the cost of developing the site, price dispersion on the Internet is shocking. Masters of the self-taught on the freelancing website development exchanges offer "turnkey" from 2 thousand rubles, and the managers of well-known web studios voiced figure of hundreds of thousands of rubles. This is expensive does not mean quality, and custom site from an unknown craftsman can turn into endless "shoals", functional modifications and problems with filling and maintenance. Comfortable and presentable website is the hallmark of the Internet to its development should be taken very seriously.

Private webmaster with more experience offers development services of any complexity sites on 1C Bitrix - the most popular commercial CMS in RuNet. Sites are added to the Bitrix on the principle of design - they can be connected to the necessary functional modules to integrate with databases and other software products 1C. On this platform, you can easily implement a site of any complexity - from business cards to an information portal with hundreds of chapters or online store tens of thousands of SKUs.

Creating a site - a complex multi-step process, which takes a few people attended. Web site - the result of the interaction of the team of designer, coder, programmer, content manager, copywriter and SEO specialist. Unlike the advanced web-studios, the cost of developing the site from a private webmaster is much cheaper. You do not have to pay for office rent, salaries of management and other costs associated with payment services a large company.

By working with me, you get in real terms presentable and convenient for visitors to the site at the right price. All clients are provided with educational materials to fill and administer the website in video format and offer technical support to and promotion of the resource in the search engines. Order Website development services "turnkey", and get answers to all questions by phone, email or online messengers.

Creating a website on Bitrix

According to statistics, three quarters of the companies interested in creating a reliable and easy to manage e-commerce sites, chooses as the content management system Bitrix Soft. According to its popularity, this CMS is much ahead of other premium engines -NetCat, Umi CMS, C Builder.

Cost of services

Website promotion

Website promotion is mandatory and inevitable phenomenon that sooner or later all owners as their favorite pages own resource. Website Promotion - the service is very individual, and the final amount only after discussion.

Cost of services