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Every day, more than thirty million users Runet looking for necessary goods and services by sending requests through a search engine Yandex. By placing their advertisements in the search results and partner sites Yandex, you can quickly draw on their site "hot" audience interested in your products. Feature content - ads are displayed only in response to a particular search term or on niche sites based on user interests. The largest areas for placing contextual advertising is Google advords and Yandex Direct. That's Yandex search engine is recognized as the most popular among the Russian-speaking audience. Properly tuned advertising campaign in the system Yandex Direct provides a consistently high flow of orders with a reasonable advertising budget. I'm a private webmaster Pavel Khoroshilov. I specialize in creating sites and their promotion and internet marketing. I offer professional services starting and conducting advertising campaigns in system Yandex Direct.

Pluses advertise their goods or services in Yandex Direct:

  1. The simplicity and accessibility – to launch an advertising campaign can be any user Runet, having an account in Yandex, without examination, charge or monthly fee;
  2. Each advertiser has a full round the clock access to their companies , to monitor the results and modify the parameters if necessary;
  3. Flexible configuration – You can adjust time in its sole discretion and geography shows, set ad delivery strategy, to set a limit on the budget one click, per day, week or month;
  4. There is no mandatory monthly payments - You can stop your ads at any time;
  5. The system Yandex Direct provides tools to optimize of the advertising budget;
  6. Operational feedback and support personal manager;
  7. Minimum price: go to the site only 1 cent.
  8. Providing full reporting on impressions , transitions, clicks, costs, and other parameters of an advertising campaign.

Post advertisements can be in the SERPs page or multiple sites Yandex Advertising Network. In search advertising allotted two blocks - special placement at the top and bottom of the guarantee from the SERPs sites. Also in contextual advertising is a function of the dynamic displays - such ads are displayed on the second, third and other search pages. Advertisements are shown to visitors on the basis of auction - occupy the top spot offers a maximum response and cost per click. The cost of advertising depends on the chosen strategy and show the effectiveness of ads. To evaluate the effectiveness of existing the CTR, the which is calculated as the number of transmissions to the site, divided by the number of impressions and expressed as a percentage. In place ads in the search results and influence index MFR or CPC. In a well-optimized campaigns ads with high CTR rise above competitors' ads with higher value advertising transition.

With its convenient interface and a variety of options to create and manage campaigns in Yandex Direct is simple and convenient. But the conduct of advertising campaigns has many nuances that require special knowledge and practical experience. Thousands of beginners create their own campaigns and "poured" thousands of advertising budgets without achieving significant results in sales.

All owners of offline and online businesses are welcome to use the services of creation and maintenance of advertising campaigns in system Yandex Direct "turnkey" from the private webmasters. In my asset hundreds of effective advertising campaigns, profitable my customers. Get explosive sales growth without personal participation - make contextual advertising in Yandex Direct skilled practitioner!

Prices and terms are subject to change depending on the purpose and complexity of the project. For more accurate prices and discuss the details please contact me any convenient way.

Total cost: from $100

Work Time: 1 month

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