Development of a corporate style of boat service

Corporate style of Autonomous Non-profit Organization "FREGAT" (logo, business cards, site).
AON "FREGATE" is located on the right coast of the Ivankovo Reservoir. You will be able to find there the parking for the vessel, the boat, the motor yacht, the scooter, the ATV, a snowmobile. On the other hand, just have a good rest in the company of friends.

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Creation of a corporate style for Regional shopping

Full branding of the company (Logo, Polygraphy, Site, Interface of terminal systems). Activity of the company: Internet sales, retails, unique service of a free pass in shops and malls, delivery of goods, free professional consultation on goods.

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Creation of a corporate style of production company

The full brand of “PK Konakovo” production company is developed. In a logo the abbreviation  is read and stylized in the form of a detail and a cutter. The logo form (it is offered by the director), the quality mark are urged to cause the trust to quality of production. Developed  - logo, business cards, boxes under production, a quarter calendar, a package, pens, exhibition stand, the site and other.

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Creation of a corporate style of Internet provider

The brand of the JSC City-Line company is developed. For years of work the company became the leader among city Internet service providers. Full support of a brand to the middle of 2013 (logo, sign, polygraphy, advertizing in mass media, advertizing production, forms, business cards, the site, gift certificates, intra network resources, etc., etc.).

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