My musical compositions

Look - 1

Experiments with a sound. Lately I very much like this style of music and decided to try to describe the mood in a sound.

Musical editor: FruityLoops, Adobe Audition, Absynth 5 and others.

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10/06/2014 16:00:00

At a spring stream

One more sketch on spring. It is written in 2010.
The melody isn't ended, but the thrme is set. In future I will definitely  end it one day…

Musical editor: FruityLoops..

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05/08/2010 16:00:00

The composition for spring 2007

The composition for spring 2007.
The keynote of my friend Igor Samokhvalov, composition and arrangement are written by me.

Musical editor: FruityLoops.

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04/16/2007 16:00:00

Little Portrait

Musical composition of 1998.

I composed in the course of studying the musical editors interface -  Cakewalk and Midi. That I had then SB Live 32 with its synthesis, Win 95 and initial Cakewalk.

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11/09/1998 16:00:00


Composition of 1998.

At long night, without knowing what to do, and communicating in a chat with the lady, the music was created.
By the morning, the subject was ready. Nick pf the lady from the chat  was Margo - from here and the name of composition

Editor: ModPlug Tracker.

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11/03/1998 16:00:00

Love shop

Musical composition of 1998.

Easy unostentatious melody. Composed in one night. Now I’m trying to remember what I was thinking about when I composed it.

Editor: ModPlug Tracker.

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02/10/1998 16:00:00