Creating a website on Bitrix

According to statistics, three quarters of the companies interested in creating a reliable and easy to manage e-commerce sites, chooses as the content management system Bitrix Soft. According to its popularity, this CMS is much ahead of other premium engines -NetCat, Umi CMS, C Builder.

What are the pros choice for CMS-Bitrix web development projects?

The versatility

On the Bitrix platform can implement sites for different purposes and complexity. Developers have prepared a package of software solutions that allow quickly create different types of sites: Online shops, information portals, corporate websites, social networking and more. ready functional modules System opens wide opportunities for performance management, product content online stores, to create the necessary structures of sites, advertising and other actions necessary for successful and dynamic development of web resources. For an experienced programmer creating a full-fledged website BitrixSoft platform takes a few hours.

Reliability and safety

The owners of sites on Bitrix positive estimate high security Web resources. The developers have implemented a multi-level security system of finished projects from the hacking, virus attacks and other threats.

Product Bitrix is constantly updated and improved. The users available SiteUpdate upgrade technology, in which users can download and to set their own updated version slider. The new version of the product enhance the functional modules and resources make the interface more convenient for visitors without disturbing the content posted on the resource and fully excluding the possibility of data loss. When you purchase a full license Maintenance competent experts available Bitrix customers quickly respond to all questions. After expiry can count on a non-profit technical support answers to users' questions come in during the day.

Integration with 1C: Enterprise system

BitrixIntegration sites implemented on the platform Bitrixmodern versions of 1C-Enterprise solution greatly simplifies the daily tasks of the commercial resources. This option allows you to upload a large number of products in the sections of online stores. Also, using the integration with 1C system can transmit orders to the site for further processing in a timely manner and to notify customers about the status of their orders. The platform can be integrated into the main types of databases and is compatible with popular accounting software - it is one of the main advantages to automate accounting and to monitor trade in a timely manner.

CMS Bitrix - a rational choice for the development of even complex and clever websites with complex functionality. The company provides users with a detailed selection of ready-made solutions Bitrix to create web resources for different purposes. But to make the choice of the platform did not disappoint, it is necessary to involve in the development of professional web projects, familiar with all the features of Bitrix. With the right approach engine software can to satisfy all client requests. Development of web-projects on CMS Bitrix is always a good solution for those who wish to obtain a reasonable price commercial site with a stylish design and thoughtful functionality.