Search engine optimization

Even the most beautiful and convenient site will not bring income to the owner, if about it will not know the search engines. Search Engine Optimization is a complex sequence of actions aimed at the promotion of the web resource in search engines and attract visitors by of search results.

What gives website optimization?

Despite the large number of paid advertising methods, the cheapest and most targeted traffic coming to the site from search engines. Properly executed optimization allows you to:

  • To increase site in the search results;
  • To attract targeted visitors from other resources through the exchange of links;
  • Increase traffic to the website;
  • To increase sales or increase the cost of advertising.

Internal optimization is carried out at the stage of its creation. For existing web resource optimization measures are developed taking into account the results of the audit site. The cost of the internal and external optimization compensated by revenues from sales of Internet products and services, as well as through the placement of advertising banners and contextual advertising from Google and Yandex.

I'm a private webmaster Pavel Khoroshilov. We offer services for external and internal optimization of sites of any complexity and orientation. I know how and what to do to promote your site on the Internet and raise it to the top ranks of of search results.

That includes internal website optimization?

1) Forming a semantic kernel - list of popular search queries for which your life will be promoted on the Internet. When you create a list of keywords an analysis of the subject site, selected synonyms and cognates are tracked queries that competitors are moving resources, analyzed the frequency of queries in search engines.

2) The development of the corresponding list and writing content plan. This tapas determine which pages will be optimized for the selected key questions. It also adopted a decision to create new pages that are optimized for the specified keys.

3) Optimize each page for a specific keyword. With the introduction of keyword search engines lead users to pages that fully meet this request. The main objective of search engine page optimization - to place it on information that is relevant to the search query potential client.

At this stage, these actions are carried out:

  • Writing texts for the entry of people with specified keyword density of 2-7%;
  • Placement SEO-optimized content on the page through adminpanel;
  • Filling meta tags title, description, keywords, h1 headers prescription and h2 with specified keywords;
  • Create the correct Web page address;
  • Internal linking - affixing links to other pages on your site.

Internal website optimization work does not end with the launch of the project. Constantly there are new products and services, maintains a blog, expanding the semantic core, work is underway to increase the credibility of the site on the Internet.

Besides internal optimization, you need to keep a steady job and external optimization. It includes the addition of a site in Webmaster panel of search engines Google and Yandex, purchase and exchange of external links, visit the installation of meters, placing content on other sites and forums, creating and maintaining groups in social networks, and more. Contact me via the feedback form on the site or any convenient way. Together we will develop a strategy to promote your site in search engines to attract new visitors and to bring sales to a higher level.

Prices and terms are subject to change depending on the purpose and complexity of the project. For more accurate prices and discuss the details please contact me any convenient way.

Total cost: from $ 500 in month

Work Time: from 1 month

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