Stockroom developer

I bring to your attention a ready layouts for creating websites. Developed by the pattern - the best solution for those who want to create a functional website within a reasonable time for the right price. Presented templates without any problems unikaliziruyutsya and modified to meet your objectives.

You can absolutely free download of your favorite layout from my site for the study and testing.

Creating a site on a template

If you have decided on a layout and are ready to create a site based on the selected template, I am ready to offer their services. The exact cost of the service, I can count only after a detailed study of the project and discuss the nuances. Approximate cost of developing the site for the finished model from 500$.

Also, you have the opportunity to give your website layout or template, on the basis of which I can also create your website.

Templates to choose from:

Simple pattern

Description: A fairly simple template. Complete all the internal pages.

Light pattern

Описание: Светлый шаблон со слайдером

Hidden cons of creating fit the mold:

  • A significant number of models created in English, and the replacement of conventional English phrases on Russian is often caused by changes in appearance. Typically, this nuance is to cause deterioration in terms of the pattern imaging.
  • In the layout structure of the site and pictures purposefully selected "like." Often these images and such a structure you can not find a resource, and the result - the content (content) on your site can not be compared with the template.
  • Because of this, it will be necessary to modify the layout and trim.
  • The source code template is unique, there are used standard notation selectors and classes. Although a small degree, but not unique codes affect search engine optimization at the finished site.
  • Templates are freely available, and it indicates the presence of the World Wide Web at double your website.

Applications for the development of the layout of the site - a good temporary solution in situations where you need to start a new site quickly and cost-effectively. In the event that the disposal of you have enough time, it is best to design a site from scratch based on the tasks assigned to the company, based on your corporate identity, taking into account the scope of your activity.

Layouts and templates found in the Internet freely available. If you are the template or layout
and against its proliferation, please write me to correct violations