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Every year the number of visitors entering the sites from tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. In 2015, the number of gadget users worldwide has exceeded the mark of 6 billion. Over 85% of Internet traffic is generated by owners of devices with small screen resolution - netbooks, smartphones, tablets, iPhones and other.

Given the global changes in the market of digital technology, in 2015 the search engines have developed a new algorithm for ranking web resources. Under the new requirements, the site with the mobile version, quickly moving in engines Yandex and Google, ahead of the sites are not adapted for viewing on mobile devices. Web resources that do not support access to the compact gadgets are underestimated in finding and losing a considerable number of visitors, regardless of cost performance, quality, design and content.

From classical implementation mobile site layout is different and more concise data representation. There are several ways to adapt your site for mobile devices - Development of responsive design, creating a mobile version with the main processing a template or implementation of a resource on the subdomain. Apart from the technical advantages and faster loading sites with mobile gadgets, resources with responsive design better displayed on the screen with a compact device and receive an additional influx of visitors and customers due to mobile traffic.

All website owners who want to speed up the promotion of its resources in the search engines and get additional benefits, offer development services to the mobile version of your site in view of its specific character and purpose. execution of works and the cost of services Timing will depend on the manner of realization or adaptive mobile versions of web sites.

How much is the adaptation of the website for mobile devices?

  1. Adaptation for mobile devices of the current site template
    This method involves creating a mobile version of the current resource template without making any adjustments to the basic design.

  2. Creating a lightweight version with alteration of the base template
    This method is suitable for webmasters who want to change the design of the site while preserving its structure and content. Helped develop an updated design, both for mobile and for the basic version. Cost of services - from $ 1000, depending on customer requirements and the complexity of the site.

  3. Development of an adaptive version of the site while preserving the basic template
    In this method the root directory introduced a new style file that the site is switched depending on the device's screen diagonal. At the same site the basic design remains the same. fee $ 800

  4. The introduction of adaptive version with full processing of the current site template
    It involves the creation of a fully updated web resource design while maintaining the basic structure and information presented on the website. In this method, it is drawn and typeset a template for the full and lite versions of the site. The new design is displayed on the user's device, automatically recognizing the extent of its authorization. Service fee of $ 1,500.

In modern conditions the resource adaptation for mobile traffic becomes a tribute to fashion, but a necessity. I propose to use to develop a mobile version of an experienced webmaster services. For adaptation of the web-site under the mobile traffic quality, on time and at a reasonable price - fill in the application form on my website or call placed in the Contacts section.

Prices and terms are subject to change depending on the purpose and complexity of the project. For more accurate prices and discuss the details please contact me any convenient way.

Total cost: from $800

Work Time: 1 month

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